Monday, June 14, 2004

Park Run

The Talker, The Princess and AtHomeDaddy headed out the front door at 9:45 to go to the neighborhood park. By 10:05 we were finally walking down the driveway. Do you realize how much stuff a guy has to schlep around with two kids?

It is a good thing we live in a nice neighborhood or someone might think a hobo is cruising the streets with two kids in a jogging stroller instead of a shopping cart!

The list for this morning:

Diapers, several in each size.
Juice cup
Extra juice cup for The Talker
A change of clothes for each kid
Two pacifiers
An extra change of clothes for The Princess
Diaper Wipes - Dear Lord, don't let me forget the wipes
Toys for the park
Toys to keep The Talker busy in the stroller
Several types of snack
Dr Pepper for AtHomeDaddy
Sun hats
Sun shades

All crammed into the bottom basket of our jogging stroller. You should see how much stuff we take when we go more than 10 blocks!

And by the way, we could have used more clothes for The Princess, several spit-up rags and Band-aids!

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