Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Second day in a row that AtHomeDaddy gets to experience coordinated napping. Naptime Rules!, but dual Naptime is an indescribable joy.

Maybe it is the rain. We played in the house most of the morning, though The Talker and I went outside to set-up our rain water collection system. (OK, the system is really just strategically placed 5 gallon buckets, but we will be able to collect 20 gallons for the veggie garden!)

While we were out we played in the rain with the Ninja Turtle umbrella and watched a Praying Mantis on the front porch. We picked green beans and checked on our pumpkins and watermelons. The garden looks good, but The Boss Lady is ready for some tomatoes (ready in another week) and AtHomeDaddy is gonna turn green from eating so many cucumbers.

I added a link to Rick's Obsession blog brought to you by Rick, yes THAT Rick. I also added a link to SilentVoyager. Read up on the adventures of a real man sailing around the world, solo! I am all for quiet time, but that seems a little extreme for a decent nap.

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