Sunday, June 13, 2004


Bocce was not a blood bath, we only had three for most of the night. Norm, The Law Talking Guy and AtHomeDaddy created a new "form" of Bocce once the Pennsylvania Ringer, a neighbor's father visiting for the weekend, went home. All of the Dads had fun. Too bad we had to introduce The Lawyer Stick. No we did not hit The Law Talking Guy, we had to measure at the end of each frame.

New House Rules were discussed. Two were officially adopted, by decree of AtHomeDaddy.

House Rules of Bocce
1. NO Lawyer Ball! You got 'em? Throw 'em!
2. If you can't set the marker ball in two tries, You LOSE!

The Boss Lady kept the Mommies and kids entertained with movies and snacks. Yum, Smoothies and Beer!

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