Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Up and at 'em

This morning is starting off quietly. My kind of morning. Except it is raining. The Talker is up and running around the house petting things. "I petting the wall, I petting daddy, I petting Big White Dog, I petting the table". Whatever makes him happy and keeps him out of the Royal Nursery this early in the morning.

The Princess is sleeping in her vibrating bassinet. Thanks Cousin C! Think coin operated motel bed for babies! It is noisy as heck, but it gets her to sleep so we love it. Even Big White Dog has quit running away from the bassinet.

We are off and running on a rainy morning. By the end of the day I predict the house will be a disaster and the clean laundry will be piled up waiting to be folded. AtHomeDaddy may not have to go to work everyday, and that is good for all of us, but I still don't fold clothes. A man has to take a stand once in a while!

By the way, I do fold the clothes
but I gripe about it


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