Monday, June 21, 2004

Taking a compass

AtHomeDaddy is heading into the jungle to mow. It has 5 days since I last mowed the backyard. Right now you could lose The Talker out there. I have been keeping a rope tied around The Big White Dog in case the mosquitoes try to carry him off.

Maybe if I mow with Round-Up, they will buzz off!

A garden update: After leaving the garden unattended for four days, I was able to bring in the mother lode of cucumbers and tomatoes. I am waiting on my second planting of beans to take off. The first plants are about played out.

The eggplant still look good and the gourd vines now touch the back fence, (about 25 feet up and over a makeshift arbor and across to the fence). There will be plenty of birdhouses around here next spring! Borers ate the pumpkin vines and the one pumpkin in the garden plot. I still have pumpkins up on the wall with the watermelons, but we will see if they get infested too.

Best of all, AtHomeDaddy has nice melons on the wall. The Talker can't wait for the watermelons to be ready in mid July.

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Rick said...

Want to borrow my GPS?