Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Workshop Day!

AtHomeDaddy got his wish for Father's day. 2 hours in the workshop playing toymaker. I finished one wooden truck for a 1 year old's birthday. I have most of a second car made, too, but it is not assembled.

I spent most of the two hours cleaning and straightening the garage before I could start. It is amazing the amount of crap that can pile up on a workbench between projects.

Today my goal was to use a new method to mount the wheels, but I decided to wait for another project since the neighbor is so young. The other goal, to not cut off any appendages, was met! It has been a while since I was out there so bloodshed was a distinct possibility. A piece of wood did get behind my goggles and it hit me right in the eyeball. I really have to get a full face shield (or I could learn to work with one eye).

I also got to watch the Nascar from start to finish uninterrupted - (Dale Jarrett - Third) and most of the US National team soccer game in Grenada (US 3- Grenada 2) . I did miss the end of the game so we could go visit the neighbors and The Talker could splash in the pool.

Tonight, mowing the backyard and/or working on the second car and watching The College World Series. Hook 'em!

What a Father's Day for AtHomeDaddy! Thanks Boss Lady.

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