Monday, June 21, 2004

The Escort Wagon Lives!

Tomorrow The Boss Lady's car is off to the paintshop. A reward to herself for the new job. AtHomeDaddy spent a good part of the day cleaning out the car and giving it a good washing.

Probably wasted effort, but since we are not putting a top notch paintjob on the car, I figure I should give the painters a little help.

AtHomeDaddy spent 2 hours mowing the backyard this morning. Once done, we were off to The Depot for new lights for the dining room. The brass and glass monster is no more. We put in 250 watts of halogen lights and they only put out 2/3 the light of the 8 bulb monster. Plus, AtHomeDaddy can now walk through the dining room with out getting a concussion!

Anybody want a brass and glass billiard table light? It is not only bright and huge, it is ugly too! Why this thing was ever installed in this house, I'll never guess. It was almost as big as the dining room, which is certainly too small for a billiard table. Why was it still here? Cause it was heavy and AtHomeDaddy is lazy.

By the way, you gotta swing by the house and check out the new light in The Boss Lady's/AtHomeDaddy's bedroom. It is indescribably cool!

The entire family played in the backyard this evening for several hours. Grilling, Bocce and splash time in the Little tykes pool - what a combination!

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Rick said...

Set the lamp on ebay. You will probably make a fortune.