Friday, June 25, 2004

The Escort Wagon Lives! (Part 2)

The Escort is back. It looks like a million bucks. Ok, taking into account that it is

1.) An Escort
2.) A four door
3.) A station wagon

it looks like 50 bucks. But that is a lot better than it looked Monday afternoon.

The Boss Lady finally admitted the reason for the paintjob. At her old school her car was just one in the lot. At the new school, her car sits in a parking spot with her name on it. Too embarassing for The Boss Lady.

Spend a few moments around this family and you will see that painting the car fits neatly into Family Rule 1.a - When momma is happy, everybody is happy.


Kim said...

can someone help me. i need instructions on this Big Big Big Loader. can someone send to me? thanks

Mike said...

I doubt you'll ever see this. So I am not hassling with the URL formatting.

But I am curious why you posted this comment here, on an unrelated 4 YEAR old post.