Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Gil Came to My House

A couple of entries back, I mentioned that The Boss Lady had won a drawing.

I lied. She WON nothing. Endured would be a more appropriate way of stating what happened tonight.

I should have suspected something really bad, when Gil was 40 minutes late. He still wanted to go through his company info, but our low interest level slid even more as dinnertime neared, and then passed us by.

The prizes, Crap. But I knew that two days ago...

The waste of an hour at dinnertime, Boring. But I also knew it would be a waste two days ago...

Getting to make fun of Gil everytime I think of him in the next week, NOT Priceless, by any means, but laughing to myself about The Big Loser made the time pass quicker.

And in the end, The Boss Lady did win a grill four years ago, so she can't be all bad, right?

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