Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Rest of the Story

Fishing was not the only thing that happened this weekend. The AtHomeFam had a blast hanging out and "eating ourselves stupid".

The best sight of the weekend? It was not watching The Talker be brave and touching the black drum fish. It was not hearing The Princess laughing while running around with Momma at Pop's dock, either.

The very best thing we saw this weekend... three elementary-aged kids playing on the roof of an old house with a garden hose. They were trying to chase and squirt each other off of the roof with the hose on full blast! I think someone needs to buy these kids a playscape. Or a Taser.

I felt like we should stop and dial 9 1 and dial the second 1 right after the scream! You just KNOW someone ended up in a bloody heap on the ground a few minutes later. Glad they were not my kids. But mostly, I am glad The Talker was asleep when we drove past "WaterWorld". I really do not want to try and explain to the neighbors why "Super Harold" is on the roof, with a garden hose...

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