Sunday, November 28, 2004

We'll Leave a Light on For Ya

This year, we were a little too busy to observe AtHomeDaddy's most sacred Thanksgiving Week tradition. Friday afternoons are always reserved for hanging the lights on the outside of the house. This used to be a competitive neighborhood. Every male over 10 would be out stringing Christmas lights by 2pm. I guess everyone has given in to the superiority of AtHomeDaddy. We are the only house lit, and we waited a day longer than in the past.

Tonight, The AtHomeFamily will sleep in the glow of 17 strands of Christmas lights decorating the eaves and porch of our house and the smaller displays of lights around our Half-an-Oak tree and Fort Walden.

Several hours of untangling lights, crawling on the roof, cutting stakes for the yard lights and wrapping the porch posts was well worth the effort. The Talker yelled out "Those are so beautiful..." When he first saw the light display.


Anonymous said...

That is one smart boy!
Make sure you know that he buttering you up for Christmas by working your weak spot! KRB

Justa Dad said...

This year I'm hoping for the neighborhood Clark Grizwald award, for lack of taste and excessive electrical output.