Thursday, November 18, 2004

So, THAT, is What They Do

The heater repairman has come and gone. Our house is nice and toasty, once again. When he got here, we were looking at a $75 tune-up. So how can it be that AtHomeDaddy is HAPPY that he just paid the guy $122?

Some blower motor thing evidently needed replacing, so our $75 tune-up jumped to a $400 repair very quickly. Then the good news started. I think he saw I was about to have a stroke when he said $400! Would that have been a HEATer STROKE?

First, he could re-use some parts, so that knocked the price down $40. Whoopee! Then, while removing the old parts, he found the real problem. Somehow a Dirt Dauber has gotten into the blower and made a nest. The nest was obstructing the blower and causing havoc. Once it was gone, no more problems and no new parts needed! Super Whoopee!

So to wrap up. AtHomeDaddy just spent $121 to get a guy to knock some mud out of the heater. But now we are warm so it was money well spent.


Justa Dad said...

Sounds like you came out great to me!
Years ago I spent $80 just so a plumber could come out and turn a valve ½ a turn. I still wake up in cold sweats over that one.

Mike said...

Yeah, we paid a plumber $50 to tell us, "I can't do THAT. You'll have to call someone else!" To replace an outside spigot. I think I found him listed in the yellow pages under, 'Plumber, World's Dumbest'.