Monday, November 15, 2004

Rainy Day, Take 3

This is the third rainy day in a row. It is supposed to be this way all week. What a lot of fun this will be for The AtHomeTrio. Having the three of us trapped in the house all week usually means that the house will be a disaster area by the weekend, and the entire AtHomeFamily will be busy cleaning house for two days. But this week should be a little better than usual.

Thursday we are having company, and we have to keep things looking nice. I would not want to embarrass my lovely wife by having a dirty house when the Heater Repairman stops by on Thursday morning. Yep, the heater is on the fritz, so it is time to bust the budget and bring in a repairman. I stared at the furnace for 30 minutes, but that did not help. I mumbled a few "choice" words at it, but that did not do any good, either.

Plus, the Windstar, from now on to be know as the WinSad, is crapping out, too. So we are headed to the repair shop this afternoon for a new Idle Air Controller. At least the 4th one on this vehicle. It is pretty sad that it has done this so many times, THAT I can diagnose the problem.

Add to all of that, The Mother of the Bride will be here for three days this week. So this week The AtHomeTrio will be stuck at home with the Mother of the Bride, without a vehicle, inside because of the rain, while trying to keep the house clean and waiting for the furnace repairman. Sounds fun.

Wanna come play?


Rick said...

Fix the WindSad yourself. If you have already diagnosed the problem, all that is left is a couple of bloody knuckles. Seriously though, The MomOfTheBride will be there to watch the kids so you can get in some serious grease monkey time and not have to break the bank.

Typically when you have a repetive problem with a vechicle, the problem is actually a symptom of yet another problem. Get a Haynes or Chilton manual and see what it has to say about the bug. Perhaps you could fix it for good! Long live the Zephry, er, Windstar.

Mike said...

I think I'll wait for another vehicle. It is hard enough for me to do the oil changes on this van without putting a tire iron through the windshield. I don't think my health insurance would cover a self-induced stroke.

Is it healthy to hate a vehicle this much? I mean it is bad to hold things in and repress your feelings, right?