Saturday, November 20, 2004

AtHomeDaddy and The Talker are Outnumbered

At this moment, there are seven females in our house. Most are under the age of 15, but it is a dangerous shift in the usual balance of power. The Boy and I are supposed to be watching each other's backs this weekend, but he wimped out and is taking a nap.

Payback, I guess, since I did leave for a few hours to go fishing without him. But someone had to be the man of the house in my absence. And the dog is hiding in the garage.

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Justa Dad said...

Hang in there!
Take it from a guy who is constantly adrift in an estrogen ocean, eat plenty of red meat and stay away from anything related to Hillary Duff. If it gets too bad, I can have copies of THE BLUES BROTHERS and TRUE GRIT air dropped overnight.