Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Sun'll Come Out, TODAY.... Dangit!

It actually quit raining yesterday afternoon. We celebrated by firing up the BBQ grill and cooking some hotdogs outside.

Hopefully it will not rain today, either. The Talker and his daddy need to get outside. Neither of us like being inside, especially when we have no choice. Now that the monsoons are behind us, we can go throw some rocks into the creek. Or we can splash some huge puddles. We will probably be muddy messes when we are done. But AtHomeDaddy won't get glared at by the neighbors like if we had actually been outside during the rain. But we really need to make use of all of this water.

So stand back. And don't wear your good shoes. 'Cause if you come within 20 feet of The Talker today, you will get wet. If it isn't raining. Because we don't want the neighbors calling The Boss Lady to report us.

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