Tuesday, November 23, 2004

How to Dismantle All Feelings of Youth

There were lots of times in the past when I would have sold YOUR children into slavery to be the first on the block with the new U2 disc in the player. I guess those days are past.

I woke up knowing the following:

It is raining, AGAIN

The Talker was awake before me but The Girl is still asleep

The new U2 Disc, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is released today.

I really don't want to take these kids out in the rain, to trek downtown, to my favorite music store, Waterloo, just to buy one CD. I have to go down there Friday to get a copy of KGSR's special release broadcasts, vol. 12 anyways, so U2 will just have to wait. Did I really say that? Here it is, another "God, it sucks getting old moment".

Today's reminiscence was brought to you by the letter U and the number 2.

2:00 pm, Tuesday, November 23, 2004

OK, an update - This is just sad, so you might not want to continue reading, especially if you still harbor any of your youthful self...

I did have to load the kids up to go shopping this morning. Not to the funky record store downtown, but to Target. For dishwashing soap, toilet paper and cat litter.

Now the really sad part - I could have cruised over to their CD section to look for U2's newest. But I forgot after I got busy comparison shopping the toilet paper.



Anonymous said...

You could always download it-KRB

Mike said...

ON dialup? Are you a loser? Oh wait, you moved back to Burleson, right? Shutup Loser!

Downloading would take like 3 days and 14 hours. No thanks. Bsides, I haven't bought their last three or four, at all, (Don't tell Rick). So I am really NOT dying to drive downtown this morning.

Rick said...

NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! I can't hear you!