Monday, November 29, 2004

AtHomeDaddy's Newest Fixation

Attraction, compulsion, craze, crush, fascination, fetish, hang-up, infatuation, jones, monkey, Call it what you want.

Rick has fed the frenzy by posting a couple of pictures for me. So, out of respect to my guitar playing, wood-working, truck re-building pal, I will refrain from calling my newest fixation an Obsession.

You can see the 1968 Chevrolet Long Wheel Base, Stepside Truck that might end up taking up garage space at Casa de AtHomeFamilia.

I am writing in a Spanish mode, since I seem to be getting a ton of spam in Spanish lately. I guess that would make it Spamish! Do you need to buy any Mexican phone cards, I seem to know a guy who can hook you up!

Or check out the 1948 Chevy Pickup that is sitting 10 feet away from the 1968.

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