Thursday, December 02, 2004

Swept Away in the Chaos

I am pretty sure I swept up a cat this morning. I have not seen one of the fur balls all morning, and there WAS an awful lot of junk in the dustpan after I swept the dining room and kitchen this morning.

Nothing will make you break out the broom faster than a new crawler trying to explore all parts of her kitty and puppy fur-lined house. Add to that, the miles and miles of tile we have in this place. The nice thing about the tile, though, eventually everything just blows into a corner. Sweep the corners and you have won half of the battle.

The real expertise comes in to play while you are sweeping. Keeping the creepy crawler away from the piles of fur in the corners can be a real trick. It takes a pro like AtHomeDaddy to distract The Princess long enough to get the entire mess swept into the dustpan. Bonus points if she stays happy when distracted. So, I earned NO bonus points this morning!

And the real kicker? I swept yesterday morning. The Boss Lady swept last night. Enough! I am off to shave the cats, dogs and kids.


SparkyDiva said...

i find that its much easier to vacuum tile than sweep it...and you can use the hose detachment to get into the corners :o)

Mike said...

Yeah, we usually use tge vac, too. But, everytime the vac comes out, The Boy grabs the attachment hoses to play FIREFIGHTER! Someday, OK, almost EVERYDAY it is just less hassle to sweep. And sweep. And. Sweep.