Saturday, December 25, 2004

AtHomeDaddy's Downer Day

I hope you survived your AtHomeDaddy withdrawl symptoms. I have heard it can be a nasty thing to deal with. Sorry I was off-line for most of the morning.

Evidently I managed to goof up my template file, and I have spent two hours trying to re-create it. It is now close, but I still have a little work to do. And when I get it right, I am going to BACK IT UP!

Yep, this would have been a 10 minute inconvenience if I had only backed up the #(@*#)(* template file!


Rick said...

If you Google "AtHomeDaddy" and find yourself (it should be the first hit). Instead of clicking the link, click on the CACHE link. The last cache hit was for December 17 2004. At this point, right click and save the cached hit to your harddrive. It should contain most of the stuff your trying to recreate. At least the template stuff you had a weekago anyway.

Happy Holidays

Mike said...

Good idea! Thanks