Friday, December 03, 2004

AtHomeDaddy Saw That

So sorry if I type this blog slower than usual. As it turns out, AtHomeDaddy has been needing new glasses for a while. I know that, because I went and got some this afternoon. And I can't see a freakin' thing. I forgot all about that break-in period for new glasses.

I have not worn glasses in 10 years. Not sure why I stopped. I think I forgot where I left the old pair and then we moved. Five times.

The new glasses are providing a lot of laughs for The Boss Lady, though. I damn near tripped over a painted line in the Costco parking lot this evening. But at least I did not break the new glasses.

An aside... I went to buy A SINGLE PAIR of glasses to wear for reading and driving. $175 for the pair I liked. And certainly not the most expensive frames in the place, either. But I could buy TWO pairs of glasses, including the exact pair I liked and pair pair of sunglasses for $120!?! What the heck?

Another aside... Didya know that Blogger tries to correct the spelling of freakin'. The suggested correction? Foreskin. Sorry, I had to do it. Mainly because I know my mother reads this at work.

Now, move along, nothing to see here.


Anonymous said...

My wife bought her glasses at Costco and I was looking at the frames that don't have a frame, the arms and nosepiece screw fight into the lens. Is that the kind you have? I am looking for some feedback as to how they hold up before I bought them.

I'm Not A Slacker

Mike said...

I like the frameless glasses, but I decided on some with a half frame on the tops. The Talker is a wild man and he loves to spontaneously start a wrestling match. With a shot to Daddy's head. Or nuts.

By the way, I ended up buying my glasses cheaper at Eyemasters than at Costco. Go figure.