Thursday, December 02, 2004

No Camping Without AtHomeDaddy's Permission!

This morning, while out walking in the neighborhood, The AtHomeTrio happened upon a campsite in the creek near our house. I am assuming this is a neighborhood runaway or teen that has gotten booted by the parents. I thought the guy was dumping trash in a vacant lot, but it turned out that he was dumping a load of firewood. Not good, since at least one house backing up to the creek had an attempted break-in a week or so ago.

Hopefully the Police will get this guy to move along, or back home. The Officer I spoke with this morning assured me that he would keep stopping by, until he found the guy "home".

But the worst part, now I have to be nice to The Boss Lady, because this guy is squatting in MY spot. This was my haven, in case I am ever in the doghouse with The Boss Lady but now, I guess I'll just have to sleep in Fort Walden.

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