Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Addition to the Homestead

The AtHomeFam will soon be installing a decontamination shower on our front porch. That way, The Boss Lady can rinse off before she comes in the house.

Evidently the kids at her new school are some of the germiest creatures known to man. We are only half way through the year, and we have all had the flu, several colds and lots of ear infections. AND NOW, The Talker gets to battle Pink Eye, and a 102 degree temperature bonus.

Thanks, you filthy little school kids. Go take a shower. In Everclear. And be sure to wash behind your ears. But please watch out, because that stuff burns when it gets in you eyes. Or in your mouth.

Maybe it would be more effective to just run all 800 kids at The Boss Lady's new school through the decontamination shower once a week. Plus, that would save The Boss Lady the embarrassment of having to burn her clothes in the front yard each night before she comes inside.


Anonymous said...

I had pink eye for two weeks! And my son was at home with RSV! Quit your whining wimp boy! I made through the whole two weeks taking care of my son and I was blind! Side note: If your wife comes home from work with pinkeye, sleep on the couch. KRB

Mike said...

With the number of germs she has hauled home this year, I am making HER sleep on the couch, and then we are burning the couch after she wakes up!