Tuesday, December 21, 2004

AtHomeMommy is in the House

The Boss Lady started her two weeks of Christmas break yesterday. AtHomeDaddy started his two weeks by working his old job at the recreation center. It was a good day to be working away from the house. Because potty training is in full force around here.

Have no fear, the boy WILL be potty trained before The Boss Lady returns to work. This has been her goal for six months and so far, so good.

Today, Wednesday and Friday AtHomeDaddy will finally get to spend some time out in the workshop I have several toys to make for Christmas gifts, so it is about time to get started.

And if our crappy low-on-memory computer would have let me log in to check my gmail account without clearing out an over loaded cache file, a few files at a time, I would have been out there an hour ago.


Justa Dad said...

I’ve got all the toys hid in the attic. Between now and Christmas I’ll be up there “cleaning up”. This may be the last year the older girls take Santa serious. I hate the thought of them getting too old for some things. Other times I’m beating my head against a wall, wishing they would quit arguing. Not much else you can do. The return policy on kids really stinks.

Mike said...

We his toys in our closet. I was REALLY sneaky. I threw blankets over the boxes to hide the toys.

Thank goodness it is not too hard to fool an almost three year old.