Friday, December 24, 2004

Hairy Fish Moose and a Hoppy Gnu Deer Two Ewe

So I was going to let you know how busy life has been around here, with AtHomeDaddy picking up a few days of work at his old job, while The Boss Lady is home on Winter Break. But then I realized nobody wants to hear a guy whine about work. ESPECIALLY if that guy has only worked forty hours in an entire year.

So instead I'll recap this week's AtHomeFamily adventures for you:

Potty Training - Going great! Like the pun? The Talker has the right idea and he is making it through the entire day, including naptime, without diapers.

The Princess - Likes having AtHomeMommy at her beck and call. She is a speed crawling and cruising machine and she is trying to stand without help anytime she can.

Christmas Toys - The neighborhood kids will have to wait. The workshop got so cold that I had to stop after finishing up toys for the nephew.

The Playscape - Bob is coming to help build the 'scape Monday and Tuesday of next week. I am still not entirely sure of the design. Guess I need to finish up the plans ASAP. Because, the main structure needs to be built before AtHomeMommy goes back to work. I might even chicken out and download a set of plans. But we definitely won't be buying a $30,000 Rainbow Play System!

That is all the news from The AtHomeFamily that is worth reporting, so have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

And consider this your Christmas card, OK?

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Gilbert Koh said...

Congrats with the potty training.

My son is about the same age as your kid. He's USUALLY potty-trained as well, but I've noticed that if he doesn't get enough love & attention in a day, he sometimes pees in his pants. It's like a deliberate ploy to get attention. Sigh.