Sunday, December 19, 2004

Playscape Progress, None

The Talker is getting a playscape for his birthday. The kids have a swingset that I built 2 years ago, and they have the playdeck, up on our retaining wall. Plus, there is Fort Walden, a sandbox, a square climber cube and the toddler's climber and slide set. In fact, the kids now have the run of half of our backyard.

But they do not have a climbing tower or a good slide. So, now is the time. Progress has been slow, though. becasue the plans have been scaled back after a visit to the local lumberyards. The Talker and The Princess will have a cool elevated playscape, a new sandbox and a real slide. Somehow, I think they will still be thrilled. Also, it will be larger than their friends playscapes. And that is what really matters, right?

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