Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Should I Call Crimestoppers?

So KRB moves to Burleson and then this happens? Draw your own conclusions. I am calling the FBI. Or The Lone Ranger.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Associated Press

BURLESON - Holiday shoppers were pepper-sprayed by a gunman who stole a bag of money from an armored car's guard at a North Texas Wal-Mart.
Twenty-two people required medical treatment after the gunman began spraying startled shoppers and workers after the robbery in front of the store. Authorities said six customers were hospitalized Monday with breathing problems and 16 other people were treated at the Wal-Mart.
One shopper said the robber ran straight toward him.
'He said, `Excuse me, man,' as he went by me,' said Bill Rose. 'Then he pulled out a cylinder and started spraying this reddish fog into the air behind him.'
The bandit escaped in a white van, which was found abandoned in a field about seven miles away.
The store was evacuated following the afternoon attack and paramedics arrived to treat customers exposed to the pepper spray, said Burleson police Sgt. C. Aaron. Most of the injured complained of burning eyes or breathing problems.
Aaron said the guard had made a pickup and was exiting the store when a man in a trench coat and a white or gray wig pointed a gun at his head. She said the guard dropped his bag and the gunman sprayed him in the face with pepper spray, then grabbed the sack containing an undetermined amount of money from the victim.
'He had this orangish substance all over his eyes, his nose, his mouth and his hands,' shopper Erin Foreman said. 'Employees started pouring milk on him.'
The robber sprinted through crowded aisles, escaping through another exit.
The FBI was assisting in the investigation, Aaron said. Burleson is about 40 miles south of Dallas


SparkyDiva said...

if you asked me, i would say that sounds pretty suspicious!

Mike said...

Yep. I bet KRB is at Dairy Twin on a Cheesburger and Cherry Coke bender right now!

Anonymous said...

mike do you know anyone at the Crimestoppers?

Mike said...

Good Point.

Hey Dad, you wanna handle this one? Get his kid arrested too, while you are at it.

Anonymous said...

I have "many" witnesses to back me up on this one! First witness: My son. When he can start talking, he'll tell you I wasn't there! No really, I didn't do it! I was out "looking for work and money to support my family! You've gotta believe me! Santa is coming to my house and for once, I'm on the good list!

Mike said...

Looking for Work?

Does that include knocking over armored cars and grocery stores?

If so, I guess you found you new job. Congrats.