Sunday, December 05, 2004

Christmas Gift Panic

The Boss Lady was stir crazy this afternoon and she wanted to head to the mall. Good thing we went, because it seems that in all of the post-Thanksgiving madness, we have forgotten to buy our son's Christmas gifts.

We do a very small Christmas around here. The kids get a few things from Santa. We don't go into debt for gifts and everyone is happy, because Grandparents can buy insane amounts of gifts, if they want. In the end, the kids aren't too overwhelmed by all of the new loot, so they have more fun, too.

Still. We can't go through Christmas day without gifts for The Talker. Thanks to a sale at The Disney Store and an easily distracted almost-three year old, our son now has Christmas gifts. It was kind of funny walking out with two large bags and having The Talker ask "What's in the bags?"

"Mommy got boxes at the store."

"Oh, OK!"
He never asked again.

We topped off our Christmas shopping trip with a drive through the neighborhood, looking at lights and Christmas decorations.

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