Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Boss Lady's Haul

One of the best parts of having The Boss Lady working in an elementary school is getting to see all of the gifts that she brings home before Winter Break.

Here is a sampling of her haul this year:

A candy cane striped ostrich thingy with a suction cup base
A reindeer mug with assorted cookies
A box of cheese enchilada soup mix
A bag of chili mix
A Hersheys Kisses candy cane
A set of 6 wine glass marker bracelets
Poseable Santa, Reindeer and Snowman figures
Lots of baked goods
2 bottles of bath gel
Lotsa candy
A 3 pound bucket of peanuts
Several Hot cocoa mixes
A first aid kit
Bag of homemade bathsalts Want the Recipe?
A handpainted mug full of homemade white chocolates
A 6 pack of Tic-tacs
A poinsettia
A ceramic Santa and sleigh
Loads of coffee mugs
A snowman serving tray
A Longaberger jar of chocolates I think it is an heirloom jar!
A bottle of AJAX laundry soap No, I am not joking
A promise of 10 times this much stuff on Friday.

And she brought a mess load of my cookies back home.

Long live the Queen!

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