Monday, November 22, 2004

Back to Normal

Around here, things are returning to normal. The Mother of the Bride headed home Sunday morning. The Boss Lady's sister, and three of her four daughters left Sunday afternoon. I don't think the fourth daughter was ever here.

Who really knows? There were too many females in this house to keep track. AtHomeDaddy was scared that a makeup and hair dance party would break out at any time. Is Hillary Duff NOT the scariest chick, ever? Luckily, I made it through the weekend with my nails and hair still naturally colored.

I am not sure The Talker was so lucky. He may have gotten a makeover. But, MAYBE he just needs a bath after playing with markers. We will just play in the mud this morning to wash it off.

After three more days of rain, it should be no harder to find a mud puddle outside than it was to find a hairbrush in this house over the weekend!

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