Friday, November 12, 2004

Back to the Workshop

The junk pile/garage has undergone an amazing transformation during the last few days. For some reason (Let's call that reason - The Princess), about seven months ago, the entire workshop idea was put to rest. Since then, the most creative thing I have done in the workshop involved separating light clothes from dark.

The Boss Lady told me The Mother of the Bride will be here for three or four days next week, so out to the garage I went. A little general cleaning and organizing Wednesday was followed with a Thursday morning trip across town to Harbor Freight for loads of sanding belts, gloves and things made by indentured servants in China. But, at least they keep it cheap for AtHomeDaddy.

Yesterday afternoon, The Princess and I continued re-organizing and cleaning. So much so, that last night I was out in the garage, making wooden trucks. Once again, this area can be called "The Workshop" without fear of Bob Villa coming over to pistol-whip my ass with a 2hp router. Though, truth be known, I am much more scared of being beaten down by Handy Ma'am.

All of this seem like a lot of work to avoid the Mother-In-Law? Honestly, it is no trouble, I swear. Plus, I have already promised to make a dog feeding table for My So Called Aunt. Now that I can actually find my workbench, her furrier and more expensive children might get to eat their dinner from a miniature picnic table before New Year's.


Anonymous said...

Hey, You know that I'm moving next weekend...What an excuse..."I need to go help KRB move to Burllyville". Whoa! I don't even like typing Burllyville! It could atleast eat up a week or so??? Think about it and get back with me. You do owe me for the house painting job in Austin from the summer of 89'.

Mike said...

FYI, it was the summer of 1990, so my 15 year re-payment program is still in effect.

YOU live in BURLESON, you LOSER!

Rick said...

Does moving away from Burleson cause one to lose their loser status? :)

Mike said...


At least it did in my case. I am so NOT a loser now, that I can make an occasional visit to the homestead with no fear of "Loser Relapse". Now you, on the other hand, had to stay away for a long time to be loser-free.

Anonymous said...

So, with that train-of-thought...I would have to move to Alabama to become an instant non-loser after living in Burllyville? I'm thinking that might not be good for me. I'll take my loser status and live in Burlyville. It can't be all that bad, right? If all else fells...I could live in Fort Worth. Does that keep me out of loser status twice removed?
FYI-Maybe it was 15 years ago,but the point was you still owe me! I had to sand a wood house by hand before it was painted! A true friend would have provided better electric sanders. I'm really not as bitter about it as you think. Of course, what really hurt me more was that stupid yeild sign I took out downtown while rollerblading at night! There's some deep scares there! -KRB