Friday, November 19, 2004

Recent AtHomeFamily Happenings

Not much of substance lately on this blog. Too bad. If you want substance, go to InfoWars. But if you want to know what has been going on with The AtHomeFamily this week, then keep on reading. If you are looking for insane rambling, either site should satisfy you!

The Princess has learned to crawl. A few coordinated arm and leg movements on the carpet early in the week have led to free-range baby this morning. She has started figuring out how to crawl on the tile in the living room. Next challenge, the concrete floor in the kitchen. She just slides around in there right now. So guess where we will be playing for the rest of the day!?!

More useful than crawling, right now, though The Princess has learned her first Baby Sign. She is now letting us know when she wants MORE food. As it turns out, she ALWAYS wants MORE food.

This girl is on a roll! She has also learned to clap. She like this a lot because it gets someone to clap and play with her everytime she does it! She started clapping and we introduced the sign for MORE a couple of days later. Right now, it is hard to distinguish between the two, but if she is eating or sitting in the high chair it means MORE because she only does it once or twice. When she really gets to clapping, she can go for several minutes. The girl will clap however long it takes to get a response from SOMEONE. Come on over and she will show off for you.

The Talker has been learning to help his little sister find toys that keep her happy and not crying. This is a huge help for AtHomeDaddy! HE runs to check on her anytime she cries, now that she is not crying ALL THE TIME. And while we were stuck playing in the garage for four days this week, he really figured out pedaling his trikes. He usually lets the slope of the driveway do the work for him. Smart boy. If you have a big hill in your front yard, make use of it!

The Boss Lady has almost finished The Princess' baby quilt. Seven or eight months later than planned, but it looks great! The Mother of the Bride watched the kids last night so that The Boss Lady could finish sewing.

AtHomeDaddy has now finished 10 weeks of guitar classes. I am afraid that I am still a long ways from playing Merry Christmas for you this season. But maybe I'll jam on Happy Birthday for The Talker's 3rd birthday!

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