Wednesday, November 17, 2004

You Know it is Really Raining

When they deliver the morning paper by kayak.

Did I tell you it is raining again? A new crawler, an almost three year old and AtHomeDaddy stuck in the house for a fourth day straight will be A LOT of fun! As long as the satellite receiver does not dork out, we will be fine because Disney channel broadcasts little kids shows straight through until 4:30 pm.

Thank God for TV. And Excedrin. And Dr Pepper.

But AtHomeDaddy wishes death, soggy shoes and a broken umbrella while trying to wrestle a toddler and a baby into the house without anyone getting too wet - on the weatherman who forecasts rain for a fifth day around here!

1 comment:

SparkyDiva said...

I feel your pain, AHD. I swam to work today.