Monday, November 15, 2004

Breaking News - Awwww Sh*t!

Today was one of the few days that The Boss Lady had to work extra long hours. It is never fun when she has a 13 or 14 hour day and we are glad that they don’t occur more often. It was a tough day and the hard part was only starting when the day was ending. Because at 10:04pm, on Monday night,


Seven months and 10 days ago, she was born. Now she is mobile. Crap. Crap. Crap-ity-Crap.

Actually, she has been fairly mobile for a few weeks. The Talker never rolled to get around when he was little. She had just about perfected that move. Last week I found her half way behind the TV cabinet. No telling where I may find her now that her legs are actually useful. And don’t forget about the baby proofing that we have to redo in a big damn hurry. I mean, it is an amazing thing to watch a child learn to crawl. I just wish it were YOUR child. Because what I am really think now is…Oh Crap.


Justa Dad said...

I feel your pain. Saturday night, among all the other weirdness, I got the bright idea to replace my two-year olds crib with a toddler bed. When we did this with the twins they did great. They slept all night long, just like their dad.

This one, however, is the freak'in NIGHTSTALKER. At 3 in the morning I hear this pacifier-muffled maniacal laughter, and the sound of all the books being pulled off her older sister’s bookshelf. Since then I’ve nailed wolf’s bain and garlic all around her room, and that has worked, she smells funny, but the local villagers have requested it.

Oh yeah, I put a baby gate at her door at night and that helped to.

Good luck in your reintroduction to the fun world of child mobility. Heh! Heh!

P.S. The Halloween picts look great.

Mike said...

The boy was outta his crib at 15 months, because he was climbing over the side rail. Ain't no chance in Hell that the girl will be getting out of her crib in the next year and a half.

We may have to use one of those tent things, but we learned our lesson the hard way on that one.