Thursday, November 04, 2004

King of Mashers

The one domestic skill that The Boss Lady has yet to figure out is making mashed potatoes. But I never remember until after the potatoes are on my plate. Several years ago, we compromised and switched to boxed mashed potatoes. No more complaints from me. No more worrying about it for The Boss Lady.

Yes, I will eat potatoes from a cardboard box. If that concerns you, you should see the other crap that I eat.

In the last few weeks The AtHomeTrio have started dealing with the grocery shopping again. We have the time to watch for good deals at various stores and we can go when the stores are not crowded. But, AtHomeDaddy cooks like a convict, nothing too complicated and usually microwaved. And whatever I cook usually tastes like it came straight from the prison kitchen, too. So The Boss Lady still handles most of the cooking and making the grocery list.

I was hopeful several weeks ago, when The Boss Lady told me about a discussion she had at work, about how to make mashed potatoes. Then, "bag of potatoes" showed up on the grocery list last week, right before the entry for "mashed potatoes" - meaning a box of potato flakes. I was giddy walking through the store with my two children and my sack of 'taters. Real mashed potatoes for dinner! I was so happy, I forgot to buy the box of potato flakes. What a great life!

I was so ready, that I never even put the potatoes away, they went right on the counter, next to the sink in a cut crystal bowl! That was Thursday, a week ago. The potatoes were still in the bowl, this morning. These potatoes had bunches of eyes on them from sitting on a sunny counter top, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. Even the potatoes could see that! Get it?, potato eyes, see that... AtHomeDaddy is a funny dude!

So, thanks to a KitchenAid mixer from The Mother of the Bride, and the little cookbook that came with it, I ate mashed potatoes for breakfast. They were good! Slap yo' Mama good. Might be enough for lunch and dinner, too. Definitely the best mashed potatoes ever made in this house!

Then again, that might not be saying much.

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Rick said...

My wife makes excellent Mashed Taters. They are artery hardening good. I will have to get the recipe for you. Speaking of cooking, do you ever watch Good Eats on the Food Network. You need to check it out!