Friday, January 18, 2008

Pray for the power

The Boss Lady left to hop on a jet plane for Jacksonville, Florida about four hours ago. She is there for a 3 1/2 day conference. Big fun, I am sure.

The only problem, that leaves the kids and I home alone BY OURSELVES for four days and three nights. As long as we don't run out of donuts or electricity for the PlayStation2, everything should be fine.

A little nice weather would help too, but it looks like rain and cold will keep us from any outside playtime this weekend.

Wish us luck and if you see The Boss Lady, please beg her not to sell her return ticket.


Darren said...

Good luck. When Clare's Mom is away I make sure we run around a bit extra and get really tired to try to make bedtime easier.

AMR said...

Best of luck to you, Mike. I've never had that long of a run alone w/ my pair (I've done Thursday night through Sunday morning).

I'll hope for good weather (we're on the same coast, however -- it's looking cold and damp in NC as well).

Finally, if your wife really loves you she'll cash in her miles for a round trip ticket for you to your favorite destination!