Monday, January 28, 2008

Not a good start

It's Monday. Again.

The Princess is staying home from school today, to nurse an ear infection. The Boss Lass is staying home with the girl. I don't think she is feeling very good, either. By 7:45 they were curled up on our big bed, watching Cinderella.

So that leaves me to go to work. On a foggy morning. Yuck.

Move over guys. I want to stay home and watch movies, too.


Anonymous said...

I "might" agree with you depending on the age of The Princess. At my house, if my oldest (4yrs old) is sick, the at-home parent can get away with a day of veging and mild entertainment. However, if the younger one is sick (1yr old), I'd rather go sling hash at the local binge and purge than stay home and try to comfort him all day.

So...I could go either way here, but I definately agree with your sentiment.

(Just hope you don't get sick).

Angel said...

There are pros and cons to each situation isn't there? sigh. My kids are home today due to the ice storm. They had to go to my work with me for a bit. I cursed the school for closing. I made it to work, right? LOL