Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just call me RacecarDaddy

For the past month or so I have been toting one of my cousins to her driver's education classes. It has been a pretty good deal all around. She gets someone to haul her across town and The Princess gets someone to play with while we are waiting around for her lessons. Me? I hide from my child while the cousin is around, since there is someone else around to keep the 3 1/2 year old busy. Or I vacuum.

Always exciting, right?

So one of the side effects of hauling the cousin to driving classes, I seem to get paranoid about doing things correctly while the cousin is in the car. Need to be a good role model, right?

And let me tell you what, she learned EXACTLY how to behave while I was getting a speeding ticket today. I was a perfect example of saying things like "Yes sir." and "Thank you." And I think I even threw in a "Have a nice day and stay safe" at the end.

Yep, gotta teach the kid ALL there is to know about driving, right? Next week maybe I'll teach her about traffic court and how to cry in front of the judge.

Or maybe I'll just show her how to watch the #($^*&@ speedometer.

Just FYI, Because I have a commercial driver's license, I can't take defensive driving so 10 over the speed limit in Austin is good for $167. At least he didn't write me up for the full 21 over. That would have set The Boss Lady back $253.


Angel said...

Dutiful teacher. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey . . . learning to properly speak to police officers is an important lesson! And I'm sure your cousin will never forget it! ;)

Terry said...

Yeah, proper speech to the Po Po is important. It helped me get out of a 22 over ticket in a Big Truck.. They could have thrown me under the bus for that one, but those tears really helped. I ended up paying a $50 court fee while the judge ripped up the ticket.