Sunday, February 03, 2008

Spring yard cleaning

It isn't officially Spring. But it WAS hot enough today that we turned on the air conditioner. Therefore, I am betting that winter is mostly over here in Austin.

I spent most of the afternoon out in the front yard, building new flowerbeds. We try to get rid of a little bit more of our water hogging St. Augustine lawn grass every year. So today I started laying out a couple of new flower beds in the front yard.

Since the neighborhood deer will eat almost anything we plant out front, there might not be any actual flowers added to the beds. I will be moving some flowering lantana bushes and herbs that the deer won't eat, from other parts of the yard.

At the end of this project our front yard will hopefully be a little more water friendly and easier to mow, since I am reshaping one bed that has always been difficult to mow around.

One other major goal of this undertaking is keeping it cheap. I am hopeful that I will be able to move plants around in our yard, so that we won't need to buy a bunch of new plants.

Pictures of the low budget flower bed project will follow.


Darren said...

Winter over in Austin? You don't even know winter. It's snowing here again today.

The Father of Five said...

AIR CONDITIONER? Working in the yard? Dude - it's FEBRUARY...

I'll post a photo of today's wintery weather conditions up here (in the Great White North) for you....

Here is just a taste for you.

I'm starting to get that "cabin fever" itch to go out and hang in the garage with a beer and a cigar... but the -13 deg F temps we had last week and a week or so before that - kept me from doing so...

Keep an eye on FOF - for a photo. I'll dedicate it JUST TO YOU!


The Father of Five said...

HERE ya go AtHomeDaddy!

Keep it cool!
(pun intended)

Anonymous said...

What temp was it that you turned on the AC? It was a chilly 33 degrees this morning here in AZ. There is snow up in the Catalinas this morning. But the forecast anticipates a high in the mid-70s by Friday. Woohoo! I think we're planning on buying some plants for our yard this weekend.