Sunday, February 17, 2008

We are pulling a quadruple

ALL FOUR of us are going back to school in the morning. The Boss Lady will head in at her normal time. The Princess and I will drive The Talker to kindergarten at the usual time. And then she and I will hang out at home for an hour or so before we head off for our school day. And we are all doing it on the same day!

We have only done this a couple of times since January. So we may end up running late at some point. But just to be safe I double checked a few alarm clocks and I have an attack plan in place for all of the meds that must be distributed before anyone leaves the house.

Wish us luck. It's probably going to be a long week.

At least for the rest of these poor suckers... I am leaving town on Friday to go fishing for the weekend. So I'll be playing hooky from work once more, later this week. The rest of these guys are going to have to cough up a lung or something worse to get to miss a day of school from now until Spring Break,which is now only 15 school days away.

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Ginger said...

Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip and get some relaxation time.