Thursday, February 28, 2008

Garden layout

Every Spring, before I get too far into the veggie garden, I try to plan out where things grow. Yesterday The Talker and I came up with a pretty good plan for our garden.
The kid's garden area is outside of the garden fence, so that The Talker and The Princess can dig whenever they see fit. Most years this leads to The Big White Dog digging up the rest of their garden, thus the fence around the main veggie plot.

Since there is not a lot out there for a meat-a-tarian like me to eat, I am doubling size of the potato plot. Also, we thought about leaving out the watermelons this year. I used to grow lots of them, but we haven't seen many good ones in the last few years.

It looks like the kids and I are going to have a lot packed into our little 25x15 garden plot. Every year I think about expanding it, but since there are still green beans in the freezer from last season, I think this is the perfect size for us.

Now if I was eating anything that came out of there, we might need 500 sq feet of garden plot. Just one of the may sacrifices I make for my family.


Will said...

Potatoes are a carnivore's best friend.

AMR said...

That is a really impressive looking garden. I planted seeds for the first time in my new boxes yesterday.

I'm not sure what this means, but the whole process thus far has been quite a rush. That's right, I'm getting a rush out of gardening.

Here's to a bountiful year.