Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Garden tour

I got an email a little while ago about our funky tree. I found the timing of this email interesting, since I had just noticed the first purple blooms on our Mountain Laurel trees a few minutes earlier, on my way out to the mailbox.

After that email I decided to grab the camera and snap a few pictures of our yard and garden as everything is starting to come back to life.

The purple blooms of a
Texas Mountain Laurel Tree

Buds on the white blooming
Texas Mountain Tree

Purple blooms on a creeping lantana

The last of our daffodils

This little tree is the result of propagation of seeds from the seed pods of the white-blooming funky tree. It will take another few seasons to see if it blooms white or purple.


Darren said...

That's hard to look at while I'm staring out at a few more inches of snow that fell yesterday.

Mike said...

Yep. No snow for me, thanks.

That is one of the reasons I live in Texas AND I have a fireplace in my house.

AMR said...

Our two cherry trees are starting to bloom already, which is a bit unfortunate -- the lows tonight and tomorrow will dive well below 30. Happens every year . . .

I think I'd like Austin's climate very much!

Terry said...

How Lovely, I noticed the edges of my yard are turning green, but as for the road trips.... still mountains of snow!! Last year the last snow fall I encountered was in late April.....