Saturday, February 09, 2008

I see dead Depots

A few months ago our neighborhood Home Depot store closed up and moved to a new building another couple of miles from our house. the Boss Lady and I really hate seeing those empty big stores sitting after a relocation, so a while back we made a couple of decisions.

First, we try not to get in the habit of shopping at the newly relocated stores if the old was working fine for our family. Especially if the old store was more convenient than the new. Which is true of this particular Home Depot move.
Full disclosure time: Rule 1 has fallen by the wayside when our closest Target store moved further away and into a bigger store. We shop at the new store. A lot. But we feel bad about it. A little.

Second, we try to make it a habit to support stores that eventually move into the abandoned big box stores. Which worked great when our favorite grocery store took over an abandoned building a few months back. We want them to stay-put, so we shop there almost exclusively.

Anyways, we drive past the old Home Depot site occasionally and were curious when they tore the building down a month ago. Usually the different retailer throws on a new coat of paint, hangs a new sign and opens for bidness. A complete tear-down of the store is getting serious.

Today we passed by and The Boss Lady's Target Store Radar kicked into high gear. She spotted a single red banner on the construction fence that evidently announces a new Target store will be opening soon on the old Home Depot site. I thought she was going to cry.

Now this woman just laughed at me when I proposed to her a hundred years ago. She laughed at me when out children were born. She laughed throughout our wedding. Not necessarily in that order... But tear down a Home Depot and replace it with a Target store and here come the tears.

As we were running our errands this morning I kept hearing her mumble something about "pretty and red... right in my neighborhood... it's gonna be great..." Which is odd, since that is exactly the thing she kept muttering all though our wedding.

Addendum 1 (added at 11:40 am)- The Boss Lady just said to me, "Honey, the only reason I haven't slapped you in the face this morning, is because I am filled with the joy of a new Target within 4 miles of my house..."

See. I told you this woman is serious about shopping at Target. And all I did was tell her to get in there and cook my lunch.

Addenda 2 and 3 (added at 11:50 AM)-
Stuff I recently heard coming from our kitchen. Where my wife does not seem to be cooking my lunch. " You know, your crap is soooo much easier to take, now that there is about to be a Target nearby. " And "You should get a job at the new Target. They give decent discounts and have good insurance available for 20 hour employees. Plus, I'll be spending more over there since we will save money on gas driving to the Target further out."

I am a lot worried. It sorta sounds like this lady has done her homework.

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Terry said...

My Tar-Jay' store is only 1 mile from the homestead... Oh happy day! The Boss Lady will more than likely tolerate even more of your crap now, iMike. I would hush it up while you are still ahead!