Saturday, February 09, 2008

The wife's new favorite construction site

This is the Home Depot that has been torn down to make my wife exceedingly happy.

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The Boss Lady now knows that her personal Target store is scheduled to open October 12.

That tax rebate can't get here soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the boss lady-on many of her wise comments! And...since I spend more hours at work than at home, I'll be shopping at YOUR new Target!!

Anonymous said...

After our second son was born and CareerMom was home with him for three months, the second month I noticed overdraft fees kicking in on our checking account. Upon querying, I added up more than $500in Target expenditures that had put us over the edge.

Mind you, this was our second child, so we were not ill-prepared.

She was, to her credit, properly mortified and responded, "That's what happens when I'm bored."

But then...she was SOOO busy during the day she couldn't cook a meal.


AMR said...

I love the google maps pic!