Thursday, February 14, 2008

It only got worse

The Talker finally went to school today. He missed 3 days this week, but I think the boy willed himself well so that he would not miss the class Valentine's Day party.

Monday The Boss Lady stayed home with the boy. Tuesday, she came home after a half day. The Princess and I were both sick yesterday. So our house was not a lot of fun. Unless you REALLY like the Cinderella DVD. Then life is a party, 'cause that thing has pretty much spun non-stop since Monday.

By yesterday afternoon I was starting to feel better, but The Princess was feeling worse. After 6 hours in the Pediatric ER last night, the girls made it back home by 1 a.m. The Boss Lady had to haul the girl up there solo, since there was no use in me spreading my germs to the kids in the waiting room. Plus this way The Talker got to sleep a full night's worth last night.

Got to be ready for that big Valentine's Day party, don'tcha know?

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