Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sick Bay

Where is Corporal Klinger? My bedpan is full and I need to barf some more.

Yep, that is how much fun we are having here. OK, technically, I am still not sick. The Talker is on his 3rd day of a cold, the flu, a viral thingy. Whatever he wants to call it. All I know is that his doc's office doesn't want him there, getting the rest of the sick kids a little sicker. So we are hanging out at home again today.

Just not in the same room as The Talker. No way am I going in there without a Level 6 Haz-Mat suit and a bucket o' bleach water.

KB and his kids were supposed to stop by this week for a little fun in Austin. For some reason I think they were thinking of fun stuff like a park, the zoo or a children's museum visit. Not sitting around waiting for the boy to spew. So I guess we will miss their visit while they are in town. Their loss.

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Anonymous said...

Warning: Bad Language Ahead

So, part of me wants to say, "This too shall pass."

But the dad in me just wants to sympathize and say, "Damn! That sucks!"

Best of luck.