Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas, check.

The presents are opened and the wrapping paper and boxes recycled. All of the grandparents have now sufficiently spoiled our children. The Boss Lady is now iPod rich, after she got one from her momma and one from her favorite husband.

Good times.

Next week we pack the stuff back into the attic and gear up for the rest of the school year.

C'mon summer time!

The quick highlights:

The Wifey - iPods
The Boy - Mario Kart
The Girl - Littlest Pet Shops a plenty
The Me - The world's hardest to set watch (And all of the cool kid's stuff.)


Eric said...

Now why are some watches so cool, but so dadgum hard to figure out? I guess it just takes looking at the instructions...
you should take a picture of your watch and post it! Glad u guys had a good holiday... and like you said... summer... whoo hoo!

alanmoore78 said...

All toys purchased for children at Christmas time are also Daddy's toys. I never had so many Lightning McQueens in my life.