Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tonsils, Take Two

Like her big brother did, back in the summer of 2005, The Princess is about to lose her tonsils.

Right before Christmas!

Well, that part pretty much sucks, but it is also right before the year's paid-up health insurance deductibles run out. And that part pretty much rules. Of course, I am not a 4 1/2 year old girl who is about to endure Christmas eating only popsicles and ice cream. OK, is that TRULY a downside?

She asked me yesterday, "Daddy, does that mean I can't eat Chex Mix or Goldfish crackers ever again? Because I really like them."

I assured her that all of her faves would be waiting in the pantry for her AND that unlike her brother, we would keep the lemonade away until long after the surgery. Evidently that stuff really burns right after throat surgery.

Yeah. Sorry about that one boy. I didn't know. Because I still have my tonsils.


Anonymous said...

Man that sucks! Just don't let her eat the yellow snow!!!

We southerners have to constantly remind ourselves about that since we so rarely see snow.

Orlund said...

Poor kid. Too bad it wasn't in the summer when everyone wants Ice cream rather in the winter when all you want is a nice hot cup of hot chocolate.

Hope it all goes well for her and a fast recovery.