Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It took more than a year

but I finally replaced my boots. For the record, no, I never stopped wearing my 13 year old boots. They made two more Thanksgiving family reunions even though the hole in the sole is big enough to see me toes through.

A new pair of black Justin boots finally made the leap into my closet this afternoon. I hope I get 13 years out of these. Also, just so you know, I am still not getting rid of my boots. They are getting re-soled and I'll wear them once in a while.

More than you ever cared to know about my boots?


Anonymous said...

And you call me "Cheap"?

alanmoore78 said...

I feel for you. Don't like change. Had a pair of used Dickies work boots, steel toe, bought them off eBay for $2 plus $8 shipping back in 2002. Wore them every day for a good 5 years before the bottoms wore completely through. I started wondering why my socks were so dirty every night. Then I realized it was the credit-card sized hole in each boot. My wife insisted on buying new boots. I didn't fight her, you know, that whole choose your battles thing.