Sunday, December 07, 2008

From one holiday to another

This afternoon, while I was putting out all of the lights and decorations in the yard, I finally decided that our Halloween pumpkin had seen enough time on our front porch. This was not one of the carved jack-o-lanterns, those were on the compost pile just a day or two later. This pumpkin was one that The Talker decorated with markers. So it was not rotting.


Anyways, I broke the pumpkin open and let the chickens have at it. Need to entertain a flock of 2 month old chickens? Give them a busted pumpkin. They worked that gourd over for a couple of hours.


orlund said...

looks like a staff party at a banquet.

Anonymous said...

So, have you been researching what all chickens will eat, or was that just a total guess on your part?
Cuz, gotta say, GENIUS!

The Father of Five said...

Ditto what P&P said...

Only, are they eating the seeds, the pulp, or both??

Mike said... Baby!

Everything a guy needs to know about the chicks in his backyard. Including what NOT to feed them.

FYI The chicks have eaten everything except the outer shell. 3 inches of pulp, seeds and all.

old man neill said...'s time to do something with the rotting pumkin on my porch.