Monday, December 22, 2008

A question for the ages

The Talker asked at lunch today:

"Mom, is cole slaw made from real sloths? "

The Boss Lady managed to answer with a straight face.


Eric said...

what was the answer? LOL!

UrbanVox said...

I sooooo wanna know the answer too!

Anonymous said...

I would tell her "yes".
Then explain how if you don't get moving you could be next!
Sloths move slow and slow moving things become dinner!
My kids are really going to be screwed up, aren't they?

AMR said...

Ok, that's funny. Sloths are probably endangered -- eating cole sloth could get one in trouble.

Mike said...

Can't help with the answer. I was diving out of the room, trying not to laugh too loud.

The boy was dead serious and that is not a good time to laugh at him.

Boss Lady said...

Sadly, I missed the opportunity to just laugh and have fun. . .I clearly articulated Cole Slaw. I explained about cabbage and dressing and the many varieties. The Talker wrinkled his nose at the thought he might be asked to eat Cole Slaw. I think Cold Sloths would be more appealing to the boy.